Firstbeat Stress and Recovery Deep Dive

Firstbeat created the 24-hour stress and recovery measurement technology incorporated in the Garmin wearable devices and the Firstbeat Bodyguard devices.  The graph below shows how it is displayed in the Firstbeat Life and Lifestyle Reports.  Recovery is represented by the green vertical bars.  Stress is represented by the red bars and activity is shown on the blue bars.

This is how the information is displayed on in the Garmin Connect app on a smartphone.  Recovery is shown on the blue bars while stress is the orange bars.  Periods of activity have a small gray bar below the graph but above the time line.  The white line shows body battery which is a measure of how well your recovery offsets your stress.

Firstbeat maintains a database of all of their Lifestyle clients.  They have found that a significant proportion of the clients do not have enough recovery to offset their stress.


Learn more by reading the Firstbeat white paper on stress and recovery.